There's a lot to consider when you set out shopping for the perfect car, truck or SUV around North Carolina. With your budget on your mind, it's obvious why shopping during tax season is smart, especially if you have a refund to work with for a down payment or the first couple months on a new Ford lease or loan. But you also want to find a location you appreciate for its customer service and ease of shopping, which is just what you'll find here at our Boone, NC Ford dealership.



Obviously this is the kind of place you'll love shopping with when it comes to finding the right kind of new Ford SUV or truck for your travels. We always have some great deals going on, and with our dedication to customer service, we offer a pressure-free, straightforward sales experience that will leave you with a smile on your face, especially when you're driving all over North Carolina and beyond in a Ford that you love.

Our easy shopping experience extends to the many used cars we have in stock here in Boone. Whatever kind of budget you're working with, whether that includes your tax refund or not, we'll match you up with a sensible used car loan that works for the pre-owned vehicle that interests you. Let us know what kind of budget you have and the kind of ride you're searching for, and we'll match you up with a great fit.

If you have a great tax refund to work with, shop at Modern Ford of Boone right now and we'll be happy to help you discover a great deal.

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