Here in the Boone area of North Carolina, snow and ice aren't regular occurrences, but all around the Blue Ridge Mountains, roads can quickly freeze over, leading to some dicey situations. To make sure you remain safe during all your travels here at home or anywhere else you're going as temps drop, consider a set of winter tires for your Ford. We have a great selection of tires to buy, and after you schedule service here in Boone, we'll install your winter tires in no time, getting you ready for whatever the weather throws your way.



With the kind of exceptional service we're known for at Modern Ford of Boone, it only makes sense to trust our tire experts when it comes to switching out your sets. Beyond the obvious safety boost provided by winter tires, changing out your sets on a seasonal basis can make the most out of these investments. While all-season tires are certainly another smart option you can explore here in Boone, keeping the same set on your Ford all year round will wear them down quicker.

There's no getting around that tires present another substantial cost along with a car, truck or SUV that's already been a huge investment. But here at our Ford dealer, we provide helpful promos and specials on parts and service, with some of those coupons specifically for new tires.

Consider the value and safety of a set of winter tires, and visit Modern Ford of Boone today to get started before temperatures really drop.

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