The Redesigned 2020 Ford Escape Makes Some Big Gains

We here at our Boone, NC dealership have always loved the Ford Escape as a sensible compact SUV, providing families from all over North Carolina with a smart, efficient and safe setup for all kinds of daily driving around town or out on the highway. But recently, this small crossover has been passed by its competitors, which offer more styling, tech and capabilities, though the Escape has always impressed with a wide range of engine options. Now, with the upcoming 2020 Ford Escape, things continue to get better. Click play to see how the Ford Escape has grown over the years, culminating in the upcoming 2020 model.



Most noticeable with the updated Escape is its new style, adding nice touches like extra curves to the exterior, while the new build is both longer and wider. Interestingly, the new Escape is actually a little lighter than the previous, currently available version. That's a trend Ford's been known for, using less higher-strength steel to give a lighter feel on the road without sacrificing any safety or security.

The new build also adds a refreshing sense of handling in the Escape, though that's a quality that's always impressed in the small crossover market. Inside, the cabin's been vastly improved, adding more space for passengers and cargo, while the latest Ford tech systems are added to keep you connected and safe while driving around North Carolina and beyond. Finally, updates to the Escape's engine selection give you even more versatility and efficiency than before, and you'll want to try this small SUV out when it becomes available here in Boone, NC so you can find the right setup for your driving style.

Come on over to Modern Ford of Boone today to find out when the new 2020 Escape will arrive in our showroom.

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