Winter tires tend to a be a rarity for drivers from around North Carolina, but it's still something worth considering. If you're still catching up on your wintertime service and maintenance needs with our Boone, NC Ford dealership, consider a set of winter tires to ensure your travels through the mountains or anywhere further north during this season will be as safe as possible. Schedule a visit today and we'll provide professional guidance if your specific Ford would benefit from having the proper winter tires installed.



As is the case with all our offerings at the service center featured with our Boone, NC Ford dealership, considering winter tires is primarily a matter of safety. If you live up in the Smokey Mountains or regularly have to traverse lesser populated road ways, snow and ice buildup can be more common than the well-traveled roads and highways around these parts of North Carolina. Having the right kinds of winter tires on your Ford car, truck or SUV can mitigate some of the slipperiness and dangers from ice-, snow- or rain-covered roads.

And if you do decide on getting winter tires for your Ford, schedule service with us here in Boone. Our expert techs know the ins and outs of any Ford model, and we'll match you up with the proper set of tires that will keep you safe and secure during your wintertime travels, no matter where your adventures are taking you. As always, see if we have any service specials and coupons that will help you save on a new set of tires, or for general maintenance costs as we handle professional-level installation for your winter tires.

Visit Modern Ford of Boone today and learn more about the value of having winter tires with your car, truck or SUV.

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