Get Your Ford Truck Spray-In Bed Liner at Our Boone Dealership

While your new F-150, F-250 or other kind of Ford truck is prepared for the toughest hauling and towing, there's still another step you can take to protect your considerable investment in one of these high-end pickups. That's why we offer spray-in bed liner installations at the service center at our Boone, NC Ford dealership, keeping your truck's bed protected from whatever you're loading up in the back.

Press play on the quick video below to check out the new F-150's hauling capabilities, then visit our Ford dealership near Lenoir and Banner Elk, NC and Mountain City, TN today to learn more about our spray-in bed liner offerings.

Because you'll most likely be using your truck to load up with home improvement supplies, tools with sharp edges and building materials that can be rough on unprotected surfaces, you'll want to get ahead in the game early on. These spray-in bed liners are built to last, just like the Ford trucks we install them on, and this small extra investment right now will go a long way in the future to keeping your pickup's bed in sound condition. Furthermore, this specialized bed liner is skid resistant, keeping your cargo in place and preventing it from slipping and sliding all over.

Head on over to Modern Ford of Boone today and learn more about our spray-in bed liner options.

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